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Why settle for just one area of Hypnotic Self-Improvement? You can own 21 of the most popular Self-Hypnosis Programs created by Master Hypnotist Mark Yuzuik.

Here's Everything You'll Receive

  • Relaxation
  • Self Confidence
  • Self Hypnosis
  • Your “A” Game
  • Stop Smoking
  • Straight A, Study Less
  • Breaking Bad Habits
  • Eliminate Sweets & Snacks
  • Exercise Motivation
  • Lose Weight Fast
  • Overcoming Pain
  • Passion For Wealth
  • Letting Go of Stress
  • Passion For Men
  • Passion For Women
  • Passion For Couples
  • Financial Success
  • Perfect Memory

You’ll receive all of these Self-Hypnosis Programs plus 3 Bonus Audios on an easy to use Flash Drive. Imagine having the ability to carry around an entire library of Self-Hypnosis Programs in the palm of your hand.

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21 Self-Hypnosis Programs for only $199.95


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Self-Hypnosis Programs

Created to help you overcome challenges and achieve Positive Change